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My love for Michigan weddings thrives on the notion that in 15 years, the images that I create at weddings will become a families memories, a families legacy. The images created on a wedding day are filled with emotion and I love having the ability capture those timeless images. I photograph weddings in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and of course the Bay City, Midland areas. I am based out of Bay City, so anything in Michigan is just a quick drive, usually down I75. My wedding photography style is to capture both emotionally filled moments as well as helping create timeless wall art for my clients homes. At each wedding I aim to capture stunning portraits, beautiful detail images, and photos of moments that happen organically. These moments will then fill a wedding album that will sit on your coffee table for you to cherish. My portrait side of my photography includes Maternity, Newborns and Seniors. Maternity photography is photographed between 32 and 36 weeks. My studio has options for you to wear, from flowy gowns to fun short sets that show all belly. You are welcome to bring loved ones to your maternity shoot! I photograph newborns between 4-10 days old. The reason newborns are photographed so early is that this time in your life goes by so fast, we want to capture those tiny fingers, fleeting smiles as well as get them all curled up and sleepy. I have several props for newborns in studio with headbands, hats, and little pant sets. If I have photographed your while pregnant, then I can also customize your newborn session with additional ideas, and I can suggest you to bring certain things! I strive to create a great client experience from inquiry to delivery of final product. With top of the line products from gallery wrapped canvases, to second to none albums... Stefanie Miller Photography is a full service studio.